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 Aliyah Houston Class of 2015

Class of 2015 Interviews

Where were you Headed Freshman Year?

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“The teachers are amazing, the classes are amazing, just everything is so amazing. We are a Family”

     -Joel Guron, Class of 2015

“The Academy is one of the most unique and effective programs I have seen in a school. The family/team structure is not only good for the students but has been a critical part of my success as an Academy teacher. It has been wonderful to see the students grow and transform over time and that was only possible because I had the support of my Academy teacher team, I wouldn’t have made it without their support and friendship.”

     -Brittany Rosenberg, Academy History, Economics, Government, and Guided Studies Teacher

“The Academy gave me the support and motivation I never had.”

     -Sienna Gil, Class of 2015

“The Academy is a family and I don’t know where I’d be academically if I hadn’t joined it. I am so thankful for all the support”

     -Cassidy Blaine-Baker, Class of 2015