The Academy has proven to be a successful model. So far 100% of our students have graduated and 88% of graduates are enrolled in Santa Barbara City College.  The students’ grade point averages rose from a 1.41 to a 2.89, going from F’s to C’s and B’s, in more rigorous, college-prep classes.  Students’ scores on the California Standards Tests improved in all subject matters.  Discipline referrals have been reduced by over 95% compared to their pre-Academy levels.  All of the students attended school regularly.  We have had success with students returning to school after pregnancy and graduating. We have also had students return to our program from continuation high school and graduate.  More than half of our students are placed in successful internships or have an after-school job.  One of our students was named “Student of the Year” by Goleta’s Finest for her ability to overcome personal obstacles and reach a 4.0 GPA.


Data Comparison

The Academy students were compared to a Control Group of over 40 students who declined the invitation to join The Academy

Cumulative GPA in The Academy is higher than the Control Group

The Academy average CAHSEE scores in Math and English were higher than the Control Group

The Academy students’ schedules are more rigorous than the Control Group

Academy-Presentation.002 Academy-Presentation.001



The most notable changes, however, are those that are observed, not measured.  Our students are more confident, take pride in their work, and look forward to a successful life outside of high school.   We had students in the ASB Leadership class, on varsity sports and cheer, and participating in clubs, all showing their re-engagement into school and their lives.