DPHS International Day 2015

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DPHS International Day 2015

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For Dos Pueblos High School’s 2015 international day, The Academy students chose to sell bacon wrapped hot dogs, Lemonade made from real lemons, and small bottles of water. On the day of the event they sold out within 15 minutes of opening their stall. Next year they plan on selling twice as much.

Lane Farms Pumpkin Patch

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Lane Farms Pumpkin Patch













On October 30th, the Academy took a team building field trip to the Lane Farms pumpkin Patch. Each student was able to choose a pumpkin to take home with them. The students got lost in the corn maze, took a hay ride around the pumpkin patch, and meet with all the farm animals.

Back to School Night

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Back to School Night


This year for back to school night the Academy sold nachos and water to all the hungry parents and teachers. The nachos were a hit and the students were able to sell out their whole inventory.

Andrew & Williamson Strawberry Farm

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Andrew & Williamson Strawberry Farm

IMG_2132IMG_2095IMG_2111IMG_2103IMG_2124At the end of their cross-curricular unit focusing on civil rights, pesticides, maximizing profits, and writing business plans, the Academy took a final field trip to Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce’s strawberry farm in Santa Maria. They were given a tour of the farm and an explanation of how each individual part of the farm worked. They were then set loose to pick their own fresh strawberries.The students commented afterward that they enjoyed experiencing the real world applications of what they had learned in class.